Cakes, ice-cream and other sweet delights at Angelina Tea house

Article submitted by C├ęcile Zarokian

It is known fact that all the Parisian cake shops and ice-cream shops serve to delight children and their parents equally. When you talk about delectable treats, the mention of Angelina tearoom comes as no surprise. It is situated on rue de Rivoli, which is actually a short walk from the Louvre.

Angelina tea house serves its famous hot chocolate that is accompanied by a little pot of whipped cream. A large number of people go to this place just to enjoy its iconic hot chocolate. The other great specialty of this tea house is the Mont Blanc, which has remained a popular choice among customers for many years.

Angelina tea room has been adding to its range of ice-creams and sorbets since 1950 and now has an astonishing variety of flavors that promise to titillate your taste buds. You can enjoy the unique flavors of calisson, cappuccino, praline and pine nut, pineapple, white chocolate and tropical fruit cocktail.

The legendary macaroons are another treat which you can enjoy with your family at the renowned Angelina tea room. The yummy macarons at Angelina tearoom are available in tantalizing flavors like chocolate, pistachio, lemon, coffee, vanilla, blackcurrant, caramel, chocolate-passion, raspberry and Mont-Blanc. You can also have them packed away if you want to take them home.

Plan a visit to Paris and go to Angelina Tea House to enjoy cakes, ice-creams and other numerous delights for a gourmet treat.


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