Guide to massages in Thailand

Thailand has everything a tourist needs, from great urban shopping, amazing beaches, perfect weather, to some of the best massage therapists. The Thai people have a historical and philosophical connection to their alternative treatments that you feel at the end of each massage session. Here is a quick guide to massage therapy in Thailand:

Thai massage is so popular that most tourists head out for a massage as soon as they land. You get a vast spectrum of massage parlors in the country. The most common are small houses on the street that offer cheap massages in small rooms with just a mattress. There are more upmarket options available with each option more expensive than the previous. However, as the massage gets more expensive, the settings improves significantly.

When you walk in for a Thai massage, the first thing you get is a menu. The menu will have every option available along with a cost. Traditional Thai massage is with Pyjama’s while oil massages involve no clothes and strategically placed towels. Avoid any misunderstandings by making sure you avoid places that emphasize pretty girls and soapy massages. Also, stay clear of massages from places in the red light district.

There are also luxury resort spas in other parts of the country that celebrities visit. You will get the ultimate in luxury along with the best that Thailand has to offer.

Written by Garden Retreat Spa. Pamper yourself after a hard days work with an Asian massage spa NYC, and leave relaxed and rejuvenated.

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