How to Safely Remodel Your RV’s Built-in Kitchen

Summary: A full kitchen remodel project is actually doable and can be done within financial reason.

Do you own an RV that has the capability of everything a tiny house has but is in shambles due to neglect or simply because it’s getting too old? Does your once fully-functioning RV kitchen now stand out as an eyesore and plays host to a variety of different bugs and dust particles? Well, it’s time to take out the old tools and make your kitchen remodeling experience a successful one.

Step One: Create a New Foundation

At first thought, you might want to jump ahead and starting tearing everything apart and start anew. While this seems like a great place to start, it can also be detrimental to your project. Assuming you have a blueprint laid out and a bunch of ideas jotted down, you’ll want to go ahead and take things apart one-by-one. Remember, unless your kitchen is beyond repair, there are some pieces that you can salvage to help recreate your new model.

Step Two: Ensure Everything is Unplugged Safely

Once you’ve reached the point to where the area is clean of dirty pots, pans, and other junk, you’ll want to safely remove any gas pipes and cords (depending on the type of setup that you have). Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the valves of any gas canisters are completely shut as your RV can act as a secluded box that can easily fill up with any leaking gas.

Step Three: Deconstruct and Separate

The time for breaking your kitchen apart is now. Start by taking all of the removable pieces of your kitchen off and setting them aside. Create two piles, one that’s for useable parts and the other for the garbage bin. Keep in mind that some pieces of your kitchen can be useable for the restoration process.

Step Four: Rebuilding

At this stage, you’re left with a bare foundation that’s ready to renovate. Now, you can go about this project in two ways. The first is to hire a contractor to help remodel your surrounding space, or you can go ahead and do it yourself. If you do decide that you go about doing this on your own, be sure that you understand how to safely install and uninstall every aspect of your kitchen – although some pieces are relatively simple like the dining area and removing the couch cushions.

Final Thoughts

Although this renovation project might seem relatively easy, it can be quite complex if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. For instance, if you have a stove installed that’s coupled with an oven, you’ll want to consult with an expert before breaking it down as it can be quite dangerous if mishandled. Be sure that you handle each aspect of the remodeling process with vigilance and awareness. This way, you won’t be putting your RV in harm’s way, but you’ll also be emphasizing safety at the same time.

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