Mediterranean Cuisine: Manakish Oven & Grill Opens a New Location in San Jose

Walnut Creek’s favorite spot for Mediterranean cuisine has now become everyone’s favorite spot for Middle Eastern food in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Mountain View. Perennial fan-favorite Manakish Oven & Grill has brought its exotic Mediterranean flavors to Silicon Valley with the opening of its new Middle Eastern restaurant in San Jose, CA.

Manakish Oven & Grill has also found another way to share its much-loved recipes with the rest of Silicon Valley. The restaurant also provides catering for Mediterranean food in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas including Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, and Mountain View.

The ability to serve food to San Jose, Santa Clara, and Mountain View residents begins another new chapter in Manakish Oven & Grill’s culinary adventure, full of surprising locals with strange flavors as well as offering their imaginative dishes. Now, the new Manakish Oven & Grill location gives customers at the San Jose Downtown Food Hall the opportunity to enjoy all their Mediterranean favorites paired with many other dishes. Be it the classic manakish that everyone loves or the trendiest creations, foodies can always trust in their quality and freshness when they come from Manakish Oven & Grill. The essence of the restaurant’s service continues to grow through its catering efforts that deliver favorite recipes right to special events all around Silicon Valley. As Manakish Oven & Grill continues to increase its popularity on the local level, it is well on its way to becoming a treasured secret of the Silicon Valley region.

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