How to avoid getting seasick – By Pierre Zarokian

Article by Pierre Zarokian

Seasickness is caused due to the simple motion of ships. Also known as mal de mer in French, it normally occurs to travelers in a ship causing dizziness, vomiting and nausea. This condition is also known as motion sickness. In normal conditions, the inner ear (which is responsible for balance) works with the eyes to tell your brain that you are standing on your two feet. However, when on a ship, there is a conflict between the two, where the inner ear tells the brain that your body is moving whereas the eyes tell the brain differently. This is why seasickness occurs.

Even though new technologies in shipbuilding that deploy stabilizers to reduce the motion effect of the craft, some people still get affected by seasickness. So it is advisable that a mega-liner ship is the best option for first time cruisers to avoid falling seasick.

Here are some tips to avoid seasickness:

1. Drink less liquid and eat less spicy food. It is better to eat solid food rather than to have a slushy stomach with exotic drinks if you are prone to seasickness.
2. Rather than resting in closed spaces (like your room) spend some time in the open areas of the ship, which can slow down seasickness symptoms.
3. Opt for preventative medication. Consulting your doctor for medicine such as Scopolamine, Dramamine, and Bonine can help prevent seasickness.
4. An acupressure wristband commonly known as Sea band, which applies constant pressure to the P6 (Nei-Kuan) acupressure point between the two central tendons on the wrist, can help prevent seasickness.
5. Finally, divert your thoughts, get some fresh air, and avoid reading, as it is important to prevent the conflict between your eyes and the inner ear, which leads to seasickness on a moving ship.

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