Soccer Gear Guide: Picking Home and Away Apparel

As you already know, if you’re in a legitimate league, you’re likely going to be playing both home and away. If you’re a coach that’s just starting out, one of the more underrated facets of the game comes in the form of choosing the right home and away gear. This guide will break down each aspect of what you should be looking for so you can make the process as easy as possible.


Color Scheme


If you already know your team’s colors, you can choose to opt for custom jerseys that have each player’s last name embroidered on the back. Or, you can go for the generic jerseys, which are cheaper, but lack the customization.


Remember, you’ll want make sure that you choose matching apparel to follow suit with the jerseys as well. When you start shopping around, see if you can find deals where the company will offer you the entire set for a cheaper price. This way, you can just purchase multiple orders of the entire outfit as opposed to paying more for each separate piece. You could get discount soccer cleats, shorts, socks, and jerseys if you order a certain number – which is perfect if you’re purchasing one for each member of your team.




Nothing’s worse than seeing your player rip his or her jersey during the middle of the game due to cheap fabric. This is why you should always opt for a company that offers high-quality products like Soccer Garage for example, so you won’t have to deal with rummaging through all of the old gear to find something that fits. Although higher quality does come at a cost, it’s definitely worth it, especially if they’re playing an entire season with a pair of jerseys.


Final Thoughts


Picking your home and away apparel might be complicated, especially if you can’t a manufacturer that you like. However, there are various companies that actually will ship their products to you for a reasonable price, you just need to keep an eye out for them while shopping around. If you’re still unsure, give them a call and talk out the details with them. If they seem like a company that’s worth your money, take it to the next step and start talking business. Nonetheless, purchasing soccer apparel can be quite expensive so make sure that you have enough capital to spend before you commit to telling your team that you’re going to cover all of the costs.

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