Three hidden gems in Paris

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Although they would like to say otherwise, most Parisians don’t know their city as well as they think they do. It is almost too good to be true, but the city of lights, with its amazing museums, restaurants, cafés, attractions, has a bevy of places to go, things to eat, and sights to see, that you never knew existed. Let’s go through a few hidden gems that most Parisians don’t know about:

The first thing is the shadow city that sits under Paris. Literally under the streets runs a network of subterranean catacombs that criss-cross the city. Not all of the underground tunnels are open to the public, but if you fancy a look around, the Catacombs ossuary are open to visitors. Be warned; it can be a little spooky.

Another nice place to see is the quaint houses in La Campagne à Paris which is a mini-village meant for working-class families. Nowadays, one of the pastel houses in the secluded enclave will cost more than a million euros. The area is just a few minutes from the Paris ring-road.

No list would be complete without a place to experience the best Paris has to offer in food and drink. One such place would be the Angelina Tea House, a century-old place known for its sophistication and indulgence where the signature items to try are the famous Mont Blanc pastry and the African Hot Chocolate.

These are just a few of the hidden gems in Paris, as there are too many to list here.

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