Visiting San Juan? Here are some of the best attractions

Holidays are all about relaxing, unwinding, and getting away from the stressors of our everyday lives. We leave work behind and want to spend some time recharging our batteries. However, for many, sitting by the pools for days on end is not enough, they need to get out and see new sights and experiences. Fortunately, San Juan is a great place with several attractions that you won’t see anywhere else. Here are a couple of the best things to do (and see) when you go to the islands, according to San Juan PM:

Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay (Vieques)

The beach over at south Vieques holds one of the most amazing things you will ever see. During the daytime, it is your typical beach. However, at night, the beach and the waters nearby emit a blue glow from the microorganisms that inhabit the beach. It is beautiful and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Avoid full moons as the glow is difficult to see at that time of the month.

Flamenco Beach

Visit the island of Culebra for one of the most amazing beaches in the world. The one hand a half-mile stretch of beach is perfect for every type of holidaymaker. You could be into snorkeling, or with a family, or just looking to relax, and this would still be the perfect beach. The beach has everything you need from kiosks for food and drink, along with toilets and rental companies.

Take a few hours away from your San Juan island rentals and visit some of the best sights San Juan has to offer.

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