Tips for attending a Premier League soccer match

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and every soccer fan in the world knows that there is something special about the English Premier League. Tourists travel from around the globe to the UK to watch a match, with 900,000 soccer tourists last year alone. Here are some tips from Soccer Garage on attending a Premier League soccer match:

Learn the rules

There are a lot of casual fans of soccer that don’t really know the rules. There is a big difference in watching the match on tv from being there. At the match, knowing the rules beforehand will help understand whats going on, and give you a reason to shout at the ref.


Check the schedule and time your stay in the UK with the matches you want to attend. Tickets sell out fast and early, so plan and buy your tickets. You probably have a favorite team, so pick up the latest soccer replicas for the match. Depending on the club, tickets go on sale to club members first, so if you don’t want to risk waiting until the general sale is open, become a club member.


You want to take in the whole experience, and that involves more than just the match. Part of the fun is the build-up. Find a pub near the stadium (walking distance) and mix with the fans. You can usually tell one team’s support from the other buy their soccer jerseys.

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