Planning a holiday to Jordan

The capital of Jordan, Amman, is a vibrant city, in a country with a rich heritage. The country itself, known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is slightly smaller than Indiana and has plenty of places to visit. Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC outlines some basic information that will help you plan:

Jordan is a safe country for tourists. Just make sure to follow official guidance and avoid the roads and areas close to the refugee camps, as well as the Syrian and Iraqi borders. Even these areas are safe, but you should follow the recommendations of the authorities.

There are so many attractions to visit. The most famous are the tombs and the temple at the Nabatean site of Petra. There are also Roman ruins, the Dead Sea, Red Sea, and castles.

The best time to visit Jordan is around Spring and Autumn, although the weather is good for year-round visits.

The best way to see all the sites is to self-drive. With an Amman rent a car, you will save a lot of time and planning by driving to your destination. The roads are in good condition, and there are no crazy drivers. The only thing to watch out for is the lack of signs in areas that do not feature tourists attractions.

How much time should you spend in Jordan? A basic program that covers the Citadel, Petra, the Dead Sea, and even Wadi Rum could take five to six days. If you want to add hikes, Mount Nebo, and the Dana reserve, you could go as long as ten days.

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