Travelling with kids for tournaments

Parents face several challenges as their children grow up. In fact, a growing child is a series of challenges that parents need to meet. One particularly challenge that parents are not prepared for is when the child is old enough to play sports, and then makes the team. When your child is in the soccer team, travelling for soccer tournaments is almost a certainty. Here are some tips for Soccer Garage on tournament travel with kids:


Unless your destination is just a couple of hours away, you will need to pack entertainment for the entire family for the longer drives. It is important to your soccer backpacks clearance and other gear you need, but you also need to be mindful of keeping the kids entertained on the long road trip. DVD players, games, tablets, and songs will keep the group happy all the way.


If this is the first time you are going to this particular location, do your homework and find an area that has all the main necessities within a few minutes’ walk. You will need access to a gas station, restaurant, grocery stores etc. Google Maps is useful in this regard.


Since the entire team, and all their families are traveling to the same location, coordinate with the other parents and book everything in groups to get the best discounts. Hotel rooms, transport, busses, and even other items.


Kids in competitive team sports are always at the risk of injury. Before you travel, check and see if your insurance covers treatment at your destination. If they don’t you might want temporary medical cover for the period of the tournament.

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